City of Caves Education Workshops in Nottingham

Did you know there are hundreds of man-made sandstone caves underneath the streets of Nottingham? National Justice Museum Education delivers captivating learning activities at the City of Caves. These underground sandstone caves consist of a medieval tannery, WW2 air raid shelter and the remnants of Drury Hill Victorian slums. Students will dig deeper into the social history and geography of Nottingham. Activities for schools explore how these historic man-made caves have been formed and used over time.

Education workshops are available for key stages 1- 3 and provide a hands-on memorable learning experience that will stimulate curiosity and interest.

Curriculum links include local history, geography and science with topics such as rocks, geology, settlement, uses of caves and earth science covered.

Education visits at City of Caves can be combined with either a museum workshop or courtroom workshop to enjoy a full day visit for just £11 per student.

Please note, minimum group sizes are 20 students. If you wish to bring fewer than 20 students we, in most cases, will still need to invoice for 20 to cover the costs of delivering the session.

“The well-structured tours and exercises they completed really stretched their understanding and knowledge of rock formation and how the caves came about.” Aldercar High School