Creating the Caves (Key Stage 3)

This interactive two-part study session, suitable for key stage 3, takes students on an archaeological journey through Nottingham’s City of Caves. Students will explore how these manmade sandstone caves have been used over time. Linked to the key stage 3 geography curriculum, the first session focuses on the history of settlement, looking at why this part of Nottingham was one of the earliest to be settled, as well as the different functions of this settlement. The second session explores the geology of sandstone, comparing it with other rock types. Students will discuss geological time periods, properties of different types of rocks and the rock cycle.

Topics covered include local history, geography, WW2, Caves, rocks, geology, settlement, uses of caves, earth science.

Location: Nottingham, City of Caves

Curriculum Links: Local history, Geography and Science

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: £9 per student

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