Nottingham Rocks (Key Stage 2)

This interactive two-part study session takes students on an archaeological journey under some of Nottingham’s most famous streets and explores how these man-made sandstone caves have been used over time. Linked to the Key stage 2 geography curriculum, this activity focuses on navigating the caves and using map skills to document findings. Pupils will also investigate the formation of sandstone and compares this with other rock types. Students will use real rocks to identify the properties of different types of rock and how they fit into the rock cycle. This hands-on session encourages students to explore the site and discover answers for themselves.


Themes covered include locational knowledge, local history, geography, caves, rocks, geology, uses of caves and earth science

Location: Nottingham City of Caves

Curriculum Links: History, Geography, Geology

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: £9 per pupil

Booking and Enquiries

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