Rolls Building Education Programme (Key Stage 5)

Students will work on a real legal dispute based on a previous High Court case. They will prepare and present a civil dispute hearing in a real courtroom at the Rolls Building. Students will also have the opportunity to meet a High Court judge to discuss the case and their findings as well as to find out more about how to pursue a career in the law.

Students will:

  • Gain an increased understanding of careers available in the law and justice system and how to access them
  • Increase their understanding of how the law deals with civil disputes
  • Gain an increased understanding of the role the justice system plays in dispute resolution

This activity is funded by the Rolls Building Art and Education Trust and is free of charge for eligible schools, sixth forms and colleges.

Curriculum Links: Law, Citizenship, PSHE, British Values, Careers Enrichment

Duration: 2 hours

Location: The Rolls Building, London

Cost: Free for eligible further education providers

You can also combine this activity with one of our Courtroom Workshops. 

Booking & Enquiries

To book a visit or to find out more, fill out an enquiry form, email or call 0115 993 9811