Suffragette Study Day (Key Stages 3 & 4)

In our Suffragette Study Day, students will visit the Museum of London where they will have the opportunity to explore one of the UK’s largest collections relating to the Suffragette movement. They will develop source analysis skills through the investigation of the museum’s archives.

Later in the day, students will visit the iconic Royal Courts of Justice where they will take on roles such as judge, jury, barristers, witnesses and defendants as they re-enact a real case from the Suffragette movement. During the trial students will develop critical thinking skills, explore the motives behind the Suffragette’s actions, determine their guilt and debate their sentence.

Please note that we have a limited number of sessions available for this programme. The next available dates are:

Wed 9 Oct 2019

Tues 12 Nov 2019

Tues 3 Dec 2019

Tues 28 Jan 2020 – Fully booked 

Tues 10 Mar 2020

Wed 13 May 2020

More dates coming soon

Location The Museum of London (am) & the Royal Courts of Justice (pm)

Curriculum Links: History, British Values, Law and Citizenship

Duration: 4 hours (10.30am – 2.30pm)

Cost: £8.50 per student

You can also combine this activity with one of our Courtroom Workshops. 

Booking & Enquiries

To book a visit or find out more, fill out an enquiry form, email or call 0115 993 9811

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