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Isobel Adderley – CUSP

Three performers remain still, quivering and shuddering attempting to be sculptural and solid. Contorting like tendons, and existing as three separates but also sometimes becoming one. Audience members are invited to place unshelled boiled fresh broad beans in their mouths. This small dance will exist within the your face and jaw for the duration of […]

Joe McAlister – The Justice Syndicate

The Justice Syndicate gathers 12 audience members to take on the role of jurors. iPads carefully analyse the decisions they make in real time, providing live opinion polls and interactive documents as you explore the controversial case. Leaving you to question your own ethics and those of others. The Justice Syndicate is a collaboration between […]

Desire, love, identity: exploring LGBTQ histories

Same-sex love and desire and gender diversity are integral to human experience. The way they have been expressed culturally has varied widely globally and over time. Based upon Professor Richard Parkinson’s award-winning book, ‘A Little Gay History’, this exhibition offers glimpses into LGBTQ experience through the British Museum’s collection.  Ranging chronologically from ancient history to […]

Superheroes Exhibition

Where did Superheroes come from? What is their purpose? How do they represent us? Who is protecting who? Discover answers while you Explore a treasure trove of superhero memorabilia See signed Marvel artwork by Stan Lee and works by acclaimed artists Alex Ross and Nigel Humphries Find out about our original superhero mural created by […]

Half-Term May – June 2018

Free Family Fun… Fairy Tale Trials As a family join the characters as Ariel from The Little Mermaid has her day in court. You can make the case for the defence, or the prosecution.  The Sea Witch is on trial for taking away Ariel’s right to free speech! Is she guilty, or not? Tuesday 29 May: 11am, 1pm, 2pm and […]

Education Showcase Event: Creative Court UK

Join us at the National Justice Museum for this Education Showcase event celebrating the completion of the Creative Court UK project. This project is the most recent Outreach Education Syndicates project to be developed thanks to funding from the Museum Resilience Fund from Art Council England (ACE). Outreach Education Syndicates’ (OES) is a model of best […]

Big Day Out 2018: Free Trial of William Saville at the National Justice Museum

Visit the National Justice Museum for Big Day Out to experience a thrilling actor-led re-enactment of the trial of William Saville in the museum’s authentic Courtroom. Saville was tried, convicted and executed for the murder of his wife and children at the Shire Hall – the very location where this re-enactment takes place. Trials start […]

October Half-Term

Free Family activities this October… Free Events Family Courtroom Trials  The witch from Hansel and Gretel is on trial in our Youth Court – but is she guilty as charged? Monday 22 October  – 11am, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm Wednesday 24 October – 11am, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm Monday 29 October  – 11am, 1pm, 2pm and […]

Free Fairy Tale Trials

Select dates during school holidays  Is Cinderella’s stepmother really very wicked? Did the wolf really blow down the homes of the three little pigs? And was Humpty Dumpty’s fall off the wall down to gross negligence? In these fun family friendly courtroom workshops, you will take on the roles and characters in a courtroom and […]

Free Family Craft Activities

Join us during the school holidays for a range of free family crafts. Activities will vary but could include block printing, mask making, paper chains and finger puppets. There will also be opportunities for children to dress up in costumes relating to law, justice, crime and punishment. Tickets This activity is free and takes place […]