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Archives: May 2017

Law And Justice Learning comes alive with new National Justice Museum Education Programme

Registered charity, National Justice Museum has launched a new education programme suitable for all ages. Since relaunching as National Justice Museum Education in April 2017, over 2000 students have already taken part in innovative courtroom and museum workshops led by the charity. National Justice Museum Education, formerly the National Centre for Citizenship and the Law, […]

Interview with Dr Emma Parker and Bev Baker

For Joe Orton: Discover the man behind the drama by National Justice Museum Tim Desmond 1. Tell us a little about your career background and your current roles? Dr Emma Parker: I am Associate Professor in English at the University of Leicester. My research focuses on representations of gender and sexuality in post-war literature, especially […]

New AIM Biffa Award Funded Exhibitions Will Tell The Stories Of Historic Figures From Engineering And Science

AIM Biffa Award have just announced the first round of projects to be supported by the ‘History Makers – People who shaped our world’ programme. Sharing a fund of £170,000, each project will tell the story of their chosen historical figure and how their work and achievements have shaped the world we live in today. […]

Crowdfunding Reward highlight

In 1962, Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell were both sentenced to six months’ imprisonment for ‘malicious damage’ to numerous Islington Public Library book dust jackets. Even by today’s standards this seemed a harsh sentence and later Orton commented that the court had realised they were gay and that the severity of the sentence was ‘because we […]

Guilty of high quality educational visits? We hope so!

Have you been inspired by one of our educational visits? Vote for us in the second annual School Travel Awards!  The School Travel Awards recognise the best venues, attractions and companies for school trips, helping teachers to organise first class educational experiences outside the classroom. The awards reflect everything that is exceptional in the field […]

Interview with Joe Orton’s nephew, artist David Lock

For Joe Orton: Discover the man behind the drama by National Justice Museum Q. What drew you to becoming a portrait artist? A. I have always been interested in representing the human condition. In that sense, I don’t see myself as a portrait painter per se, rather I’m more interested in exploring masculinities in contemporary […]

Five great reasons to support our crowdfunding campaign

1. To mark the 50th anniversary of the death of one of Britain’s most talented playwrights, Joe Orton and mark the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality. Just two weeks before Joe’s death, the Sexual Offences Act 1967 was introduced by Parliament. 2. Help us to create an exhibition that pays homage to Joe’s […]

Join the journey with National Justice Museum

After undertaking a placement at the museum earlier this year, Nottingham Trent University student Krysalyn Quainoo returned to the National Justice Museum to see the new exhibition spaces. Here, she blogs about the Journey to Justice temporary exhibition: The Journey to Justice is just one of the exhibitions the National Justice Museum is holding. Journey […]

The New National Justice Museum Launches Its First Crowdfunding Campaign to Celebrate Playwright Joe Orton

The National Justice Museum launches its first-ever crowdfunding campaign on 9 May 2017. The museum is hoping to raise £10,000 as part of an Art Happens campaign to help create a special exhibition exploring for the first time the fascinating role of crime in Joe Orton’s life and work.  Titled Crimes of Passion: The Story […]

The New National Justice Museum – or may I say, International?

The below blog post is written by Edward Hammond, a student volunteer. Edward finished his placement with us back in January/February and wanted to revisit to see the changes. Here he shares his thoughts in a blog. The decision to name the new museum, formerly the Galleries of Justice Museum, as the ‘National Justice Museum’ is without […]