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Archives: August 2017

Exciting volunteer opportunities at the National Justice Museum

The National Justice Museum is looking for volunteers of all ages and skills to help it continue to deliver a first-rate experience to. The museum and charity (formerly the Galleries of Justice Museum) opened its doors earlier this year after a £1 million redevelopment and these roles will offer volunteers a great way to gain […]

6 Things About English History That Will Make You Say “Really?”

Students from Nottingham Trent University, who recently took part in the Grads 4 Notts 2017 scheme have written the below blog post based on their findings whilst on placement at the museum. The blog reveals some interesting facts about Nottingham’s history!  Some things about British History will make you do a double take. 1. There are over […]

William Saville -Personal Profile, Crime and Trial

The tragedy that occurred in the crowd at the public execution of William Saville, on the steps of the Shire Hall on 8th August 1844, is one of the most notorious and shocking events in Nottingham’s history of crime and punishment, perhaps even more shocking than the murders Saville committed. On the 173rd anniversary of […]

The Trial of Glover and Chettle 3rd August 1816

On 3rd August 1816, a particularly dramatic trial took place at the Shire Hall, now the National Justice Museum. It was the trial of two Luddites who were acquitted of machine breaking – a capital offence at the time. But were they acquitted because of the witnesses who spoke in their defence, or the pressure […]

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