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6 Things About English History That Will Make You Say “Really?”

Students from Nottingham Trent University, who recently took part in the Grads 4 Notts 2017 scheme have written the below blog post based on their findings whilst on placement at the museum. The blog reveals some interesting facts about Nottingham’s history! 

Some things about British History will make you do a double take.

1. There are over 500 caves under the city of Nottingham dating back to the dark ages

Many pubs still have access to the caves through their beer cellars today.

2. The last UK public execution was as recent as the 1960s

Peter Allen and Gwynne Evans were executed in 1964 for armed robbery and manslaughter in Liverpool and Manchester.

3. Whisky was the last drink of the condemned

The ultimate Whisky Sour. I’d rather have a Margarita.

4. There’s a pit under the National Justice Museum where Robin Hood was supposedly tortured

It’s called the oubliette, which is French for “to forget”. Criminals were thrown in here and left to starve to death.

5. Scratched into the walls outside the National Justice Museum are the names of prisoners from 100s of years ago

Can you see Valentine Marshall’s name? Marshall was held at the prison for his alleged involvement in the Nottingham Reform Bill riots.

6. Prisoners had to pay to stay in prison… not that they had a choice

If you couldn’t afford to pay, they would take your jewellery, your hair or even your teeth!

Want to learn more about British history, crime and justice? Take a trip to the National Justice Museum in Nottingham.

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