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good to go Ethan looks worried as he faces CyberBullying

Bullying and Cyberbullying workshops



Bullying and Cyberbullying Workshops


It is estimated* 43% of children have experienced online bullying and Childline reports an 87% increase in cyberbullying over the past three years.

These new anti-bullying workshops aim to enable young people to:

  • understand different forms of bullying
  • identify appropriate ways to respond
  • develop awareness of the consequences for victims, onlookers and bullies
  • understand how to support friends that are being bullied
  • understand how to use social media responsibly
  • explore being a good friend and showing empathy.

All online sessions will be delivered via Teams or Zoom. There will be a pre-call with a member of the Learning Team before the session to test the connection, understand the classroom set up and share the link to the film. Teachers will also receive a pack containing session materials, extension resources and a list of organisations offering additional support.

Outreach is available to local schools for all our anti bullying sessions. These can be delivered as either half or full day sessions.

The Films

Ethan’s Story  (KS2)

Ethan is experiencing increasingly aggressive online bullying and rejects his friends offers of support. This session looks at how being bullied makes you feel, the importance of reaching out to friends and responsible adults, and where to get support.

Harriet and Mia’s Story (KS2)

Harriet and Mia are creating a dance  to put on TikTok and one of them uploads the dance without her friend’s agreement. Pupils explore the misuse of social media platforms, sharing content responsibly and being a good friend. The film allows young people to see this scenario from various viewpoints, provoking discussion around permission, consent and empathy between friends.

Cooper’s Story (KS2/early KS3)

Cooper is attacked in the street by a group of older students. One of the bullies records the attack in real time and others online encourage and laugh about the attack. Pupils will explore how everything, including the physical assault, the online sharing of aggressive footage and the remote encouragement of the attack is bullying. The session explores the attack from the viewpoints of all participants including the consequences for all involved. It also looks at making good decisions in friendship groups.

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*National Crime Prevention Council