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‘Freed Soul’: the letters of Charlotte Bryant

For Women’s History Month 2021, we’re sharing a collection of letters from our archives. These letters from Charlotte Bryant offer a different view of her controversial case. About the case Charlotte’s arrest and trial for the murder of her husband Frederick created a public frenzy in the 1930s. She was arrested after her husband experienced […]

Justice Week 2021: Covid and the Courts, an interview with His Honour Judge Burgess

For Justice Week 2021, we interviewed His Honour Judge John Burgess from Nottingham’s Crown Court Service about the impact of COVID-19 on legal proceedings in Nottingham. You can read the conversation in full here. Covid-19 and English Courts: An interview with His Honour Judge John Burgess How easy has it been for people to access […]

Autism and me: a blog by Michael #AutismAwarenessMonth2020

  Hi, my name is Michael. I am one of the educational facilitators at the National Justice Museum. I teach school groups about the history of the justice system and I also do fun and educational activities with them, such as mock trials. I am also Autistic. I was diagnosed at the age of 4 […]

Staying Proud: The History of LGBTQ+ Pride and its Relevance Today

Since humble beginnings in 1970 to commemorate the Stonewall riots of 1969, Pride has sought to celebrate, unite and provide a platform for the LGBTQ+ community. With so many changes within legislation and human rights, the question has emerged in recent years; why is Pride still relevant? Some argue that the rise in acceptance and […]

What was the ‘Bloody Code’?

In 1723 a system known as the Bloody Code was established in Britain, which imposed the death penalty for over 200 offences – many of which were surprisingly trivial.  The Waltham Black Act 1723 was brought in as an emergency measure to deal with deer-stealing, and other activities in the royal forests, of men who […]