courtroom workshop with secondary aged pupils

Court in the Past (Key Stage 2 – 5)

In this interactive courtroom workshop, students will examine a historical case and will then prepare and present a trial based on the evidence available. Students will:

  • Learn about the law and justice system
  • Explore the roles in a courtroom
  • Prepare and enact a trial based on their chosen case
  • Discuss and debate real historical sentencing options and compare these to sentencing options in the present day
  • Gain a better understanding of the law and justice system and be encouraged to think about their own rights and responsibilities

Curriculum links include: PSHE, Citizenship, English, History and Law

Key Stage 2 Themes Available:

  • Victorian Children
  • Suffragettes

Key Stage 3 Themes Available:

  • Suffragettes
  • Protest and Riots

Key Stage 4 Themes Available:

  • ‘Blazing Car’ Murder

Key Stage 5 & University Level Themes Available:

  • The ‘Brighton Trunk’ Murders

Booking & Enquiries

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“I learned about the different punishment for different crimes. My favourite part of the day was when we were acting out a court scene because it was fun and I learned how the courts work Lillie, Year 5