Breakfast with National Justice Museum

Breakfast with National Justice Museum

26 March: 8am - 9.30am


Catena networking breakfast with National Justice Museum

Start your day Catena networking free from constraints with a pastry, coffee and a private viewing of our latest exhibition Constraint Restraint at the National Justice Museum.

Senior Curator Bev Baker will introduce you to the exhibition, how we choose and create exhibitions and why in this one we consider not only physical restraint within the penal system but also the wider notions of constraint and restraint within our wider society.

You’ll see handcuffs, keys, locks and prison cell doors from the museum collection presented in multiples, alongside powerful anxiety drawings by international artist Liz Atkins and some surprising contemporary donations.

You will be able to grow your contacts and explore a unique business venue in the heart of the Lace Market.

For further information please contact Claire Bicknell on 07595 281315 or


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