Characters to Meet

Characters to Meet

10am - 5.30pm (Last admission 4pm)


Meet the residents of the National Justice Museum

Roaming our corridors and presiding in our prison are a variety of historical characters, some of whom you may meet during your visit. Each of our characters has a different story to tell based on their own experience of law, justice, crime and punishment…

Elizabeth Fry

A 19th century prison reformist so famous she ended up on our £5 notes! Elizabeth Fry will tell you about the appalling conditions she witnessed in prisons across the country and the numerous changes she introduced to improve prisoners’ lives.

John Howard

Hear about the conditions prison reformer John Howard witnessed in prisons across Britain and Europe, including at this very site, which he visited twice in the 1780’s.

Dr Massey

Dr Massey was the medical officer at our gaol in the 1860’s. He’ll tell you all the gruesome details about various diseases and conditions that he witnessed here when examining the prisoners.

Joanna Ledgwick

The great escapist! Hear how Joanna Ledgwick managed to avoid deportation to Australia by escaping from this prison in 1831.

Valentine Marshall

One of our most famous convicts, Valentine Marshall will tell you about his role in the reform bill riots of 1831. You’ll also hear about his experience in the prison and his deportation to Australia – a trip nowhere near as pleasant as it sounds!


Included within general admission: (Adults £10.95 with concessions available)


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