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Free Digital Make it Yours Workshops

Free Digital Make it Yours Workshops

Selected Fridays


Free Creative Workshops from Home

Make it Yours has gone digital! You’re invited to drop into our virtual ‘creative space’ and make something inspired by the museum collection.

Our creative sessions are free and open to all. Join us to make and create together and contribute to our growing museum! The sessions will be led by artists, makers and writers, all influenced by this unique museum. Register using the Eventbrite links below.

Please note, you will need to provide your full postal address for some of the workshops so that we can send materials out to you in advance. This is only available in the UK at this time. You can email your details to chiara.dellerba@nationaljusticemuseum.org.uk once you’ve booked your place, or register them on Eventbrite.

5 March – Soap Carving with Chiara Dellerba

Inspired by a beautiful object from the museum collection, experiment with unusual tools and different techniques to make portraits carved from soap.

Join us to discover the power of creativity together!

Book via Eventbrite here.

12 March – Creative Writing with Panya Banjoko

Get experimental with poet Panya Banjoko and create poetry in response to the theme ‘where the power lies’.

Choose how you want to direct and influence the shape of a poem by deciding where to begin, where to end and what to add in the middle. Understand how to create a series of ever changing poems.

Book via Eventbrite here.

19 March – Styrene Press Printing with Paul Henegan

Join artist Paul Henegan to experiment with Styrene press printing.

Make a unique printed postcard with a message of Power and Love to send out to the world!

Inspired by the National Justice Museum’s upcoming POWER exhibition.

Book via Eventbrite here.

26 March – Make Your Own Worry Doll

Taking inspiration from a beautiful Guatemalan tradition, you will learn step by step how to craft a unique ‘worry doll’.

The materials to make your doll will arrive in the post ready for this relaxing and friendly session.

Book via Eventbrite here.

9 April – Use Your Voice with Clare Taylor

In the spirit of Nottingham radicals, express yourself in this small yet meaningful provocation to create a protest mask.

Choose a theme and artist Clare Taylor will guide you through the process of collage and decorative techniques to customise your mask.

Collective voices equal power. What will you shout about?

Book via Eventbrite here.

16 April – Experimental Bookbinding

Join the creative world of experimental bookbinding and learn how to make unique and playful books.

You will be guided step-by-step through the process to create your own notebook, using easily sourced materials and tools, or those you can find around the house. At the end of the session you will have your own beautiful, handmade book and colourful cover jacket. Perfect to give as a gift or for your own enjoyment!

Book via Eventbrite here.

23 April – Face to Face with Emily Catherine

Join illustrator Emily Catherine for a workshop which aims to reclaim perception. We will be exploring how we build our understanding of one another through what we choose to see, using examples of ‘art born of limitation’ from The National Justice Museum’s Collection. Through portraiture and mark-making, we will encourage each other to see faces differently. What represents a person beyond their appearance?

Participants will be asked to prepare a small, personal statement to use as a starting point for the session.

Book via Eventbrite here.

30 April – Mail Art with Tracey Meek

Make a beautiful art chain letter with artist Tracey Meek, to share between family and friends.

Play with collage papers and cut and stick techniques to make and send a creative message. You’ll discuss what kinds of message you’d like to send to our loved ones and how it might be added to and sent onwards. An affirmation, a memory of good times, a surprise maybe. In a time of isolation this creative session is about warm, creative connections. 

Book via Eventbrite here.

7 May – Slow Movements with Kim Bormann

Join us for a movement meditation that will stimulate your physical vocabulary through playful, light and dynamic instructions and imagery.

This workshop provides a dynamic frame of impulses and guidance that allows the individual to enter into a conversation with their moving body, shifting the focus inward, to enhance self knowledge, to improve physical and mental well-being.

Holding focus on movement, becoming alert and sensitive to your own physicality, energy accumulates, strengthens and transforms our presence for everyday life.

Book via Eventbrite here.

14 May – Expressive Type with Saria Digregorio

Join graphic designer Saria Digregorio and explore the power of typography to visually express meanings and enhance non-verbal communication.

Taking inspiration from avant-garde artists, visual poets, and brand designers, you will create a type composition with a strong visual connection to the words you choose to spell out.

Mixing collage and hand drawing, thinking about type personality and tone of voice, you will customise letters from existing typefaces and play with their spacing, sizing, and placement on the page to best represent the messages you decide to spread.

Book via Eventbrite here.

21 May – Macrame Bracelets with Barbara Sandin

Join artist Barbara Sandin to create unique macrame bracelets.

Through different exercises, you will play with the basics of story telling, learn how to make knots and practice different techniques in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

Book via Eventbrite here.



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