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Free Make it Yours Workshops

Free Make it Yours Workshops

Fridays: 10am - 12.30pm


Weekly workshops for all

Between 10am and 12.30pm every Friday morning, you’re invited to drop into our ‘creative space’ and make something inspired by the museum collection.
Our creative sessions are free and open to all. Join us to make and create together and contribute to our growing museum! The sessions will be led by artists, makers and writers, all influenced by this unique museum.

28 February – Make change with art

Join artist Rosny Hayward to learn how images have been used in protest in the past. Make your own block printed protest poster. What would you change?

6 March – Putting Justice into Words

In the week of World Book Day and International Women’s Day, we welcome acclaimed Nottingham poet Georgina Wilding.

Georgina Wilding was Nottingham’s first Young Poet Laureate and is the director of the Nottingham Poetry Festival. She has performed her work both nationally and internationally at events such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and Off Milosz festival in Poland.

Our latest exhibition at the museum explores the concepts of constraint and restraint, expressed though historic objects and newly commissioned artworks.

Spend time with Georgina to turn your thoughts around justice and restraint into words and add your voice to the exhibition.

13 March – Make Protest Bags

Work with artist Kate Hebron to make your own protest bag!

Our summer exhibition at the museum will explore protest, and the role of young people in bringing about change in society, both in the past and today.Explore how people have made their voice heard in everyday ways by making your own protest bag. Take yours home or leave with us, to add to the exhibition.

Use needle felting techniques to decorate your tote bags with empowering protest slogans and symbols.

20 March – Write to Our Victorian Prisoner

Visitors to the museum can still see graffiti scratched into the walls of the exercise yard, made by prisoners centuries ago.

Work with artist Lubna Din to explore how these from the past were made, and scratch your own messages into tiles.

27 March – Wikipedia edit-athon: Representing Justice

Come and learn how to edit Wikipedia with Dr Alice White, Digital Editor at Wellcome Collection.

Use the museum’s collection to properly represent significant people in the law. Help share the stories of unforgettable people!

Bring your own laptop or device- we’ll have everything else!

Booking for this workshop is essential – book tickets here

3 April – Cut-out Concertina Books

Our latest exhibition at the museum explores the concepts of constraint and restraint, expressed though historic objects and newly commissioned artworks.

Join artist Hannah Sawtell to draw your constraints, and cut them up to make your own concertina art book.

10 April – STAND UP!

What do you to stand for? EQUALITY? FAIRNESS? JUSTICE?

Come along and out of Lego, build something which represents what you stand for.

We will then enable our mini figure crowd with Post-it-Note banners and signs to march for your causes, in the biggest-yet-smallest protest ever seen!

The workshops are designed to facilitate open, honest conversations in a fun and educational environment.

No cause too small, STAND UP, be counted, be seen and be heard. Visit our protest exhibition over the summer for inspiration!

17 April – Constrain Your Restraints

Share your constraints by trapping them inside an evocative translucent paper butterfly, decorated with your worries, fears and restrictions.

Artist Clare Taylor will guide you through the process of collage and image transfer.



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