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Constraint Restraint Exhibition

Constraint  Restraint Ends 17 January 2021  This exhibition grew from a series of conversations about objects in the museum collection that set people’s hearts and minds racing. You’ll see incredible artifacts presented in multiples to encourage scrutiny and comparison. Each one helping us to explore ideas of ‘constraint’ and ‘restraint’; handcuffs, body belts, keys and […]

Criminal Quilts

Criminal Quilts is an exhibition of textile artworks and research created by Ruth Singer inspired by photographs and documents relating to women held in Stafford Prison 1877-1916. Ruth created this work during her Artist in Residence at Staffordshire Record Office, and working with volunteers and communities to explore stories of the female criminals. The exhibition […]

Washing, Dancing, Singing: Women Living and Working in Prison

16 November 2019 – 2 February 2020 These poignant photographs, on display for the first time, were taken in several UK prisons from 140 years ago to the 1980s. They arrived in our museum collection with little provenance and we wondered how these emotive pictures could be shared when we knew so little about them. […]

Kind Girls, Evil Sisters & Wicked Witches

Free exhibition – Kind Girls, Evil Sisters & Wicked Witches: Women in Fairy Tales From the helpless beauty to the evil stepmother, gender roles in fairy tales have traditionally played upon stereotypes which have evolved since the tales were first written. This free exhibition explores and challenges gender stereotypes that lie in five key fairy tales: Little […]

Exhibition – Sir Bernard Spilsbury: The Father Of Forensics

A SILENT WITNESS? FAR FROM IT. Pathologist Sir Bernard Spilsbury was an expert witness for the prosecution in the courtroom of his day. He was impressively presented, charismatic, articulate, and ultimately persuasive to judges and juries alike. Known to many as the Father of Modern Forensic Science, he’s widely credited for making forensic science credible […]