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Guilty of high quality educational visits? We hope so!

Have you been inspired by one of our educational visits?

Vote for us in the second annual School Travel Awards!  The School Travel Awards recognise the best venues, attractions and companies for school trips, helping teachers to organise first class educational experiences outside the classroom. The awards reflect everything that is exceptional in the field of school travel and educational trips across the UK. Last year, we were delighted to be awarded Best Venue for History Learning (Galleries of Justice Museum, now the National Justice Museum) and Best Heritage Venue (Royal Courts of Justice). We are very grateful for your support.

Voting is open now until Friday 7th July.

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National Justice Museum Education provides groups with meaningful, enriching and fun learning experiences outside the classroom across our various legal and heritage sites.

We’d love to be considered for:

My Best School Trip         (any National Justice Museum Education site)

Best Heritage Venue        (Royal Courts of Justice)

Best UK Destination or Attraction (Royal Courts of Justice)

Best Museum Visit           (National Justice Museum)

Best Venue for History Learning (National Justice Museum or the City of Caves)

Best Venue for English Learning (any National Justice Museum Education learning including North West courtrooms)

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We pride ourselves on high quality learning outside the classroom so if you’ve enjoyed a school visit with us then we encourage you to shout about it and share your experience.

More details:

My Best School Trip Award

Win £1500 for your school! For this award, pupils are asked to write a review of a school trip; what they experienced, and what they felt was gained from the trip. An example here could be a greater understanding of the legal justice system and of different roles within the courtroom. Think about the objectives of the visit and how these were achieved.

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Best Heritage Venue and Best UK Destination

The iconic Royal Courts of Justice in London is a stunning Victorian gothic building and the base for the National Justice Museum London education team. We promote learning and understanding when it comes to the history of law and justice.  If you feel that a legal educational visit with our team to the courts has exceeded your expectations why not nominate us here? We help enhance understanding of the legal system of past and present and aim to encourage an interest in the law.
Vote for the Royal Courts of Justice here. 

Best Museum Visit

Have you explored the fascinating history of crime and justice at Nottingham’s National Justice Museum?  Have you delved into the dark cells and dungeons? Our independent museum was relaunched in April 2017 with a vast range of new interactive exhibitions and a brand new education programme. The museum houses three courtrooms, a prison and police station plus a collection of over 40,000 historical objects and artefacts. National Justice Museum Education bring learning to life with engaging activities for students of all ages. Activities at the museum include dramatic historical performances led by costumed interpreters, courtroom workshops, object handling, Victorian CSI and more! If you feel we should be recognised as an outstanding museum for school visits please vote here:

Best Venue for History Learning

Workshops delivered by National Justice Museum Education educate young people about the history of crime and punishment and how it has changed over time. We work in some fantastic historical venues including the National Justice Museum and City of Caves in Nottingham, the Greater Manchester Police Museum in Manchester and the iconic Royal Courts of Justice in London. Remember to mention National Justice Museum Education as the education provider when you vote! We bring history to life by using real people and real objects and archive material to educate and inspire learners. Memorable activities help to support different aspects of history learning including Victorian policing, Crime and punishment through time, Local history and Votes for Women and the Suffragettes.
Vote now if you feel one of our sites qualifies for the Best Venue for History Learning award. 

Best Venue for English Learning

Have our mock trials/ courtroom workshops engaged your learners? Our dramatic legal education workshops enhance skills such as debating, public speaking, listening, confidence and performing. Our KS1 Characters in Court workshops are literary inspired such as the Trial of Goldilocks and Humpty Dumpty, which provide pupils with an introduction to the courtroom and the people who work there through the safety of familiar fairytales and legends. Our KS2 Characters in Court sessions enable schools to prepare and enact their own trial based on the text or story they have been studying. Pupils also discuss and debate the verdict of the trial and the type of sentence the character on trial should be given. Vote now if you feel one of our sites qualifies for the Best Venue for English Learning award. 

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