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‘Letters of Constraint’ will offer a glimpse of mass societal constraint told through individual experiences of isolation.

The National Justice Museum is inviting you to write a letter that shares a personal insight into a time of confinement and isolation during the current Covid 19 pandemic. We would like to hear about your everyday observations and the feelings you’re experiencing, along with the things and spaces that symbolise hope and comfort within your constraint.

Your letters will join the museums existing collection of letters and will provide a snapshot of life from many perspectives within an historically significant time. With our writer in residence Dr Martin Glynn and V21 Artspace, the letters will shape an audio artwork and digital book which will be added to the ‘Constraint Restraint’ virtual exhibition (see below.) We hope that the act of writing will provide space for reflection and that the shared letters will encourage connection, empathy and solidarity.

How to take part

•Take a moment to write your reflections in a letter. You might address it to yourself, to Covid-19 or to someone you know. All typed or handwritten letters are welcome.
•If you’d like your letter to remain anonymous, please sign it as anonymous.
•If you’d like your name to be visible please sign the letter with your name.
•Share your letter before Friday 12 of June

Ways to share your letter

•Upload your file using the submissions form on this page
•Email your words or a photograph of your handwritten letter to Andrea.hadleyjohnson@nationaljusticemuseum.org.uk
•Tweet your words or a photograph of your handwritten letter to @NJMIdeas
•Place a photograph of your letter on social media with the tag #LettersOfConstraint
•Post your letter to Andrea Hadley-Johnson at the National Justice Museum, High Pavement, Nottingham, NG1 1HN
(Please contact us directly if you would like us to send you a stamp and envelope)

How will the letters be used?

•All letters will be presented in the ‘Constraint Restraint’ virtual gallery https://v21artspace.com/constraint-restraint and be kept safely in the National Justice Museum collection
•Some letters will be added to an audio artwork by Dr Martin Glynn in the ‘Constraint Restraint’ virtual gallery
•All letters will be made available for future research, your personal insights will provide a useful archive of social experience within a specific and historically significant time period.
•Extracts of some letters will be shared on social media anonymously with the tag #LettersOfConstraint
•Some letters will shape creative activity and future exhibitions alongside the museums existing archive of letters.





your submission

By sharing your letter, you agree that you’re happy for us to care for and share you words ethically in the ways described.

Constraint/Restraint virtual exhibition: