Project Lab - Re-Present

Until Sunday 21 July 2024

Building on their research with university students across England and Scotland who have a criminal record, this Project Lab presents the work of Dr Helena Gosling and Sarah MacLennan from Liverpool John Moores University.

Over 12 million people in England and Wales have a criminal record and although many have had only minor interactions with the Criminal Justice System, the stigma associated with a criminal record has a long-lasting and far-reaching impact on their day-to-day life – including access and participation in Higher Education.

Re-Present draws on the power of visual storytelling to enhance understanding and challenge misrepresentations. Displayed within the space, you will see a series of ‘Visual Minutes’. These beautiful illustrations tell the stories of university students who have criminal records and ask the question “what’s your story?”

Sharing events that shaped their life’s, the illustrations encourage connection, compassion, and courage to move beyond stereotypes through a recognition that we are made up of multiple stories.

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