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Free exhibitions for all the family

Our Crime Gallery is where you’ll find free family activities and exhibitions exploring a range of topics relating to crime. Examples include

What is crime?

Test your knowledge and discover interesting facts by taking our fun crime-related quiz!

What causes people to commit crime?

Compare two 19th century theorists on their ideas around the causes of crime. Henry Mayhew believed it was all down to social environments whereas Cesare Lombrosco believed the reasons were hereditary and that criminals could be determined purely by the shape of their face and features.

Protest, Riot & Terrorism

Take a look at various acts of protest, riot and terrorism throughout history and search through our jukebox, which features protest songs from different eras.

Robbery & Theft: The Great Train Robbery

See original forensic evidence from one of the most famous robberies of all time. MurderExamine the case of Lord Russell who was murdered in 1940 by his valet.

Crime in Culture

Sit back and get comfortable in our crime lounge where you can pick up a piece of classic crime fiction or play a range of crime-related board games suitable for all the family.


This exhibition area is free and can be accessed without paying the general admission charge.