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On-site School Visits

On-site School Visits

 Inspirational. Curriculum-Linked. Authentic.

On-site visits offer the optimum learning experience. In authentic courtrooms and museum spaces we use historic objects and legal archives to give pupils a practical understanding of the law and justice system.

Interactive workshop activities will broaden horizons and encourage motivation, self-confidence and engagement. Students will develop a range of essential skills, such as critical thinking, debate, presentation, research and analytical skills plus speaking, listening and communication skills.

Students will also:

  • learn about the law, how it is made and how it can be changed
  • be empowered to take an interest in their rights and responsibilities to become active citizens
  • reflect on what is right and wrong and communicate this to others
  • connect life experiences with new spaces and objects
  • be empowered to live and work within the law.

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