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Courtroom Workshops

Education Visits to Courts

Our courtroom workshops bring the law to life through hands-on, authentic and unforgettable learning experiences.

Students will:

  • Learn about the law and justice system
  • Explore civil or criminal cases in a real courtroom
  • Create, prepare and present a trial, taking on roles such as the judge, jury, barristers, witnesses and defendant
  • Collaborate to reach an outcome or verdict and debate the best sentencing options

There are range of themes to choose from to suit the needs and interests of your group. Courtroom workshops are suitable for primary pupils through to college and university levels and are also great for home education, SEN and adult education groups.

Key skills enhanced include problem-solving, critical thinking and analysis, public speaking and debating.

Duration: One hour for key stage 1, two hours for key stage 2+

Costs: Range from £7.50 – £8.50 per student depending on location

Pupil numbers: Minimum 20 pupils (charges may apply for groups smaller than 20)

Combine a courtroom workshop with another activity for a full-day visit: See our full education programme package

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