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Key Stage 1 – 2: Characters in Court

This fun, interactive courtroom workshop introduces students to the courts by putting fictional characters on trial. Students will:

  • Learn about the law and justice system
  • Explore the roles in a courtroom
  • Be encouraged to think about what is right, what is wrong and the consequences of their choices
  • Discuss and debate to reach a verdict and decide the sentence

Curriculum links: Citizenship, SMSC including British Values, PSHE and English including Spoken Language

Duration: One hour for key stage 1, two hours for key stage 2

Location: Nottingham, London and the North West

Costs: Vary depending on location and range from £7.50 – £8.50 per student

Key Stage 1 (not available in London)

Choose from:


Breaking and entering or mistaken identity? Three bears arrive home to find someone has eaten all their porridge and sat in their chairs – breaking one of them. The culprit is discovered sleeping in baby bear’s bed but runs away. A girl called Goldilocks is later arrested and charged with breaking and entering. Is she guilty or is it a big mistake? It’s up to your pupils to decide!

Humpty Dumpty

So how did Humpty Dumpty famously fall off the wall? Was he pushed? Was he careless? Or was it an accident that wasn’t his fault? Pupils will explore the evidence and debate these options during this fun and interactive courtroom workshop

Robin Hood (only available in Nottingham)

Nottingham is the home of the infamous outlaw Robin Hood, famously known for stealing from the rich to give to the poor. It is even rumoured that Hood spent time here in our Sheriff’s dungeon. Pupils will put Robin Hood on trial and discuss the evidence for the case. Will he be found guilty or was he actually a heroic figure?

Key Stage 2

Create Your Own Court Case

An ideal opportunity for students to explore the law and justice system whilst delving deeper into fictional texts that they are studying in the classroom. Pupils will put their chosen character on trial in an activity that will help them to improve their debating and analytical skills, as well as their understanding of key texts.

(Please note, for this bespoke workshop, the trial must be prepared by the teacher and students in advance of their visit using the extensive pre-visit resources provided).

“The children had an amazing time. They loved acting out the trial of Goldilocks and taking part in her conviction. It was informative and engaging.” St Hugh’s CE Primary School, Oldham

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