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Key Stage 5: Points of Law

Points of Law is ideal for college and university courtroom visits and adult learners. This advanced legal education workshop focuses on the interpretation of legal principles. Students prepare and debate a point of law in the context of a real case that has been progressed all the way to the UK Supreme Court.

Students will:

  • Learn about the law and justice system
  • Explore the roles in a courtroom and meet a legal professional (where possible)
  • Learn about how the senior courts deal with the most complex legal issues
  • Discuss and prepare a mock trial focusing on a point of law

Curriculum links: Law, Citizenship, PSHE, Psychology, Sociology, Enrichment, Careers

Key Stage 5 and University level Themes Available

  • Joint Enterprise
  • Stop and Search

We found the visit very worthwhile in terms of the development and education of students…All the staff were very helpful, informative and supportive”. Coventry University

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