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Key Stage 1 – 2: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The two hour workshop introduces children to the law and the role of the courts in a fun and tactile session.  Children will explore the people who can help us in our everyday life, from the police officers and fire fighters to paramedics.

They will be given the opportunity to handle real equipment used by a police officer and discover through role play and questioning what makes an officer!  The fun continues with discussions as to when and what it would be like to dial 999. As well as exploring which services to ask for. Children will be able to explore for themselves the consequences of certain choices through the interactive courtroom workshop based on the popular fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Students will:

  • Learn about the law and justice system
  • Understand the importance of the 999 service
  • Explore the roles in a courtroom
  • Be encouraged to think about what is right, what is wrong and the consequences of their choices
  • Discuss and debate to reach a verdict and decide an appropriate sentence

Curriculum links: Citizenship, SMSC including British Values, PSHE and English including Spoken Language

Duration: Two hours
Location: GM Police Museum
Days/Times:  Fridays – Morning 10am to 12noon or Afternoon 1pm to 3pm
Costs:  £7.50 per student – Maximum of 60 students per visit