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Key Stage 2: Crime and Punishment

Discover what it was like to be on the wrong side of the law.  Pupils are encouraged to think about consequences and the importance of honesty.  This is a full day session which begins by exploring the history of the police force, through a guided tour of GMP Museum.  Pupils will find out what happened to suspects’ by exploring the charge office and a tour of the cells. The second part of the day, pupils have the opportunity to bring a defendant to trial and act out what happens in court in the 1895 Magistrates courtroom located in the Museum.

Choice of Courtroom Workshops
Contemporary – Cyberbullying or Robbery

The defendant in this trial is 15 years old and is charged with Harassment.  It is alleged that she made threats verbally and wrote an abusive post on social media causing fear and distress to the victim.

The defendant who is 12 years old is charged with robbery.  The defendant is accused of stealing a mobile phone using force or threats of force.
Historical – Victorian Children or Suffragettes

Victorian Children -Theft
The defendant is 11 years old and is from a very poor family. She will plead not guilty to the charge of stealing clothing items from a house.

The defendant  is a Suffragette. She has been charged with causing malicious damage to a painting in the National Gallery.  She will plead not guilty.

Curriculum links: PSHE, Citizenship, English and History

Duration: 5 hours
Location: GM Police Museum
Days/Times: Monday All day from 10am to 3pm
Cost: £11.00 per student – Maximum of 60 students per visit – Lunch space available