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Free online resources

Museum from home

As we’re temporarily closed due to the government’s advice on COVID 19, we’ve decided to put some free, printable resources together so that we can keep communities and little ones busy at home. You can find resources below!

Make it Yours Workshops from Home

Join us every Friday throughout March 2021 for a friendly, free, virtual workshop! Registration required. For further details, click here.

Arts Award with the National Justice Museum

Arts Award is a national qualification, which can ultimately contribute toward UCAS points into higher education.

Our videos and logbook will take you through some brilliant arts activities with artist Clare Taylor. The activities draw inspiration from our museum exhibition ‘Constraint and Restraint’ and Ruth Singers’ Criminal Quilts project.

Ingenuity Project: Describe and Draw It Activity

This activity falls under our 3 year ‘Ingenuity project’, which is funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Collections Fund. Draw what we describe and submit your drawing to us using michelle.hubbard@nationaljusticemuseum.org.uk. All submissions will feature in the virtual exhibition and form part of the permanent documentation of the project.

Wanted Poster ideas (KS1 and KS2)
Some ideas to get you started on creating a wanted poster.

Wanted Poster template (KS1 and KS2)
Create a wanted poster for a favourite character using this simple template

Victorian CSI activity (KS2)
It’s 1888 and a crime has been committed in Narrow Marsh, can you solve the crime as a Victorian Police Officer?

Quick on the Draw (KS2)
Test your knowledge of the justice system using this quick fire questions game

Quick on the Draw Resource (KS2)
Fact sheet resources to use with the Quick on the Draw game

Sentencing Game KS2
Sentencing Strips
Sentencing Bingo Cards
This game is to help students explore different sentences (punishments) that people could be given as an adult or youth.

Good Citizen leaflet activity (KS3+)
Learn about online safety and create a leaflet informing others how to stay safe and be a good Digital Citizen.

Staying Safe Online (KS3+)
A short guide to staying safe online whilst spending more time at home.

Online Consequences Activity (KS3+)
Explore and decide how to respond to various situations that may arise online. Use role-play to show how you might respond.

Justice 2020 fact sheet (KS 3+)
A fact sheet about the justice and prison systems in the UK.

How would you change the Justice System for the better? Present your ideas in this ‘Dragons Den’ style activity.
Learn about the history of protest in the UK and internationally. Create your own campaign for a social justice cause of your choice
Explore different punishments, and how they changed, between the Georgian and Victorian periods.

Use this resource, and your own research, to answer the worksheet.

Free online jigsaw puzzle
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