The Big Give Christmas Appeal 2019

Choices and Consequences is a proven early prevention approach to knife crime which has been delivered to 13000 children in London. The National Justice Museum now hosts the programme in Nottingham. We seek your support to provide free access to the workshops for 9 to 14 year olds across the county.


  • To provide 3000 young people who would not be able to attend the programme due to cost, the opportunity to take part in the Choices and Consequences and workshops.
  • To encourage every workshop attendee to pledge never to carry a knife and ask their friends not to either.
  • To enable attendees to understand there is no safe place to be stabbed, no safe length of blade and that if you carry a knife for defence, you are much more likely to be stabbed with your own blade.
  • To create informed behavioural change among children and young people to reduce the instances of knife crime across Nottinghamshire