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Decisions in Law Digital

Decisions in Law Digital

Decisions in Law focuses on developing skills, increasing knowledge and improving the aspirations of young people to access Higher Education to pursue a legal career. Students will:

  • Identify through the different roles in the courtroom.
  • Hear from judges as they explain their day to day role of the Judge in the courtroom and the skills and responsibilities that they must possess.
  • Investigate the real murder case of Derek Bentley, identifying the relevant facts of the case and discussing mitigating factors.
  • Create closing statements both for the prosecution and defence and will share arguments to reach their own verdict and sentence.

During the following debrief, students will discover the actual verdict/sentencing of the case, what happened next when it went to the Court of Appeal.

This session offers great opportunities for discussion on murder, capital punishment, joint enterprise, aggravating / mitigating factors and how the court system works.

Duration: 2 hours

KS3 and 4

Cost: £225

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