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Key Stage 2: Tour & Play

This is a 2 hour sesion comprising of a 1 hour guided tour of the Greater Manchester Police Museum, giving students the opportunity to dress up as Police officers, and an hour dressing up as characters in the courtroom to act out a real trial.

Students will:

  • Learn about the law and justice system
  • Explore the roles in a courtroom
  • Be encouraged to think about what is right, what is wrong and the consequences of their choices
  • Discuss and debate to reach a verdict and decide an appropriate sentence

Trials to choose from include:

Shoplifting – Two youths are charged with stealing items from a town centre store. One admits his guilt, whilst the second pleads not guilty, his defence is that he was a look-out only and did not take any of the items.

Victorian Children – The defendant is 11 years old and is from a very poor family. She will plead not guilty to the charge of stealing clothing items from a house

Cyberbullying – The defendant is 15 years old and charged with Harassment, sending abusive Facebook posts and threatening to harm the victim.

Curriculum links: Citizenship, SMSC including British Values, PSHE and English including Spoken Language

Duration: Two hours
Location: GM Police Museum
Days/Times: Fridays – Morning 10am to 12noon or Afternoon 1pm to 3pm
Costs: £7.50 per student – Maximum of 45 students per visit

SEN/PRU schools no minimum charge applies.