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Court Out!

All online sessions will be delivered live by an experienced member of our learning team, via Zoom or Teams. There will be a pre-call with a member of the learning team before the session to test the connection, understand the classroom set up and share any links. Teachers will also receive a pack containing session materials and extension resources.

Virtual Courtroom Workshops

Can’t visit one of our sites? Our virtual Courtroom Workshops bring the law to life in your classroom through engaging, hands-on activities, exploring real-life court cases.

Learn about the court system, examine thought-provoking issues, see how the law affects all aspects of our life and re-enact a real trial in your classroom.

The workshop is delivered live by one of our expert facilitators and pre-workshop preparation activities will be sent ahead of your workshop.

Workshops available:

Court in the Past (historical case)

  • Victorian Child
  • The ‘Blazing Car’ Murder
  • Riot and Protest

Court in Session (contemporary case)

  • Robbery
  • Cyberbullying
  • Hate Crime
  • Knife Crime
  • Murder

Duration: 2 hours

Key Stage: 2-5

Cost: £200

Bullying and Cyberbullying

Three different sessions looking at bullying, cyberbullying and being a good friend. Find out more here

Choices and Consequences 

An award-winning, knife-crime prevention exhibition and workshops. Find out more here

Crime and Punishment Through Time

Workshops exploring our collection, historic characters and cells. Find out more here

Take to Law

Are your students interested in finding out about careers in the legal profession? These online versions of our popular on-site visits will give you all the information you need.

Human Rights (KS3-4)

Workshops exploring the contemporary significance of Human Rights. Find out more here

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