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Our inspirational curriculum-linked educational visits use authentic courtrooms, museum spaces, objects and archives to help pupils gain a practical understanding of the law and justice system. We deliver memorable education programmes at iconic legal and heritage sites in Nottingham, London and the North. Suitable for key stages 1 – 5 and beyond, we also welcome visits from home education, youth groups, Universities, SEN and adult learning groups.

Curriculum links include: Law, History, English, Citizenship, PSHE, British Values, SMSC, Careers enrichment, Sociology and more

Our interactive activities broaden horizons and encourage motivation, self-confidence and engagement. Students will develop a range of essential skills, such as critical thinking, debate, presentation, research and analytical skills plus speaking, listening and communication skills. Students will also:

  • Learn about the law, how it is made and how it can be changed
  • Be empowered to take an interest in their rights and responsibilities to become active citizens
  • Reflect on what is right and wrong and communicate this to others
  • Connect life experiences with new spaces and objects
  • Be empowered to live and work within the law

Each year we work with over 22,000 students across our learning sites. Take a look at our exciting education workshops below.

We recommend that schools book a minimum of two months in advance where possible to secure preferred dates/times. Please note, minimum group sizes are 20 students. If you wish to bring fewer than 20 students we will still need to invoice for 20 to cover the costs of delivering the session. If you are planning a trip for an SEN or other alternative provision group please speak to our Bookings Team about the options available.

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